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1-qt. Acetone Rust-Oleum

Rust-Oleum Acetone is the strongest and the fastest evaporating solvent available. Recommended for thinning many types of epoxy and fiberglass


Water and oil repellent stain-proof impregnating protector with natural effect Solvent based formulation Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications without

Adria Epoque 1qt

Description Water-repellent, non-absorbent for oil and grease, protective impregnation with the effect of reviving the structure and color of stone,


Water and oil repellent stain-proof impregnating protector with natural effectSolvent based formulation Recommended only for interior use with a slight colour

Adria Protection Penetrating Sealer, 1qt

Adria Protection Sealer is a water and oil repellent, stain-proof impregnating sealer.  Protection is highly recommended when you need a


Impregnating stain protector water-oil repellentSolvent based formulation Suitable for very absorbent materials such as limestone, natural stone, terracotta, exposed bricks Packaging:

Adria Transparent bond solid polyester based glue 5gl

Transparent & Coloured Glues Adria Glue is a Solid Polyester based glue used for glueing marble, granite, onyx and engineered


Ravvivante e protettivo per graniti colorati Confezioni: da 1 litro – 5 litri – 20 litri

Adtech Cream Hardener 4 oz. Tube

Description ADTECH BPO CREAM HARDENER – A cream hardener for use with the ADTECH Polyester Systems. Sold by the 4

Akemi Platinum 4 Epoxyacrylate Flowing (1qt)

BrandAkemi Material ApplicationNatural Stone (All),Granite,Marble,Quartz or Engineered Stone,Ceramic

Akemi Platinum 4 Knife Grade Epoxy Acrylate, 1qt

Stock Low color for excellent color matching to even the whitest surfaces; Enhanced bond strength. Extended shelf life. Good working time with short

Akemi, Color Intensifier, Transformer, 1qt

The fastest color intensifier and revitalizing product on the market. Penetrate and transform dull, lackluster and faded stone in just


BLACK MAMBA FHG ADHESIVE Black Mamba MS60 provides FAST, maximum adhesion for speedy installations. MS60 Black Mamba FHG is a

Chem-Set CCA800 CA Glue Chip Repair Kit for Stone

Description CCA800 CA Glue Chip Repair Kit for repairing fissures, scratches and chips in stone. Kit Includes: 1 (1 oz)


DIAMOND is a polyester stone adhesive providing Superior quality and is economically priced to reduce your overall material costs. These